CASTE has the knowledge and expertise to develop projects, improve production, efficiency, and reduce costs for capital projects and operating and maintenance spares
CASTE brings the advancements in Steckel Mill Technology from the people that developed it


CASTE LLC (Consulting in Advanced Steel Technologies and Engineering) is a company formed to provide full service consulting and engineering solutions to steel companies around the world. 

CASTE’s consulting team, has years of experience in all phases of Rolling Mill projects from project development all the way through mill design, construction, start-up, and optimization. CASTE Consultants have been designing, building, and optimizing Rolling Mills for over 40 years on over 50 Mills worldwide.  

Over the years, engineering departments for many steel mills have diminished but their needs for addressing improvements and maintenance problems have not. Smaller engineering projects needed by steel mills to reduce high maintenance issues and improve and perform at the level required by their customers receive little interest from the large steel mill manufacturers. Our experience and ability to perform the engineering required for these types of projects provides the steel mills a solution previously not available at a cost significantly below that of the traditional mill builders. Our low cost solutions have only the problem to solve, not equipment to sell so our solutions are the best and most cost effective way to improve the mills performance. The large mill builders are interested in selling equipment, so their solutions to problems usually involve equipment. Our unique situation results in the best solutions at the lowest price. Not solutions that will help keep a machine shop at full capacity.

CASTE’s main areas of expertise include:
Project Feasibility and Development Studies including Complete                    Specifications
Modernizations and Upgrades
Mill Operating Performance Optimization 
Rolling Mill Equipment Design
Steckel Mills, Plate Mills, Hot Strip Mills, and Cold Mills

CASTE’s recent engineering projects include:
Complete Basic Engineering for a Stainless Steel Hot Strip Mill
Steckel Mill performance evaluation and optimization including HAGC               Optimization
Cold Mill performance evaluation and optimization
Technical design to convert a Cold Mill into a Hot Mill
Engineering to upgrade Upcoiler Mandrel Drive Motor and Pinch Roll                 Drive to coil 1” thick material
Foundation Loading Calculations
New Feed Roll Support Design – Engineering including arrangement and         detail drawings
Hot Mill Stripper and Spring Loaded Wiper Design - Engineering incl.                 arrangement and detail drawings
Descale System Optimization to add variable frequency drive and                     improve descale impacts
Mill Operator and Personnel Training for multiple facilities

If you would like additional information on any of these services, please contact us and we would be glad to review with you your needs and improvement goals and how CASTE can meet your requirements.