World steel industry technology Consultant
Economics consultant.

Mr. Wilson’s 30 plus years of senior management experience spans all aspects of the steel industry, both in the U.S. and internationally:

For five years he served as a consultant specializing in corporate planning and computer systems with Stevenson & Kellogg, a prominent Canadian Management consulting firm.

During his 17-year career with Ipsco Inc., Regina, Canada as Vice President of Planning and Development, he was instrumental in developing and implementing plans that resulted in the company growing from a small, local pipe producer with sales of $30 million per year to a highly profitable multi-national world leader in mini-mill steelmaking with annual sales exceeding $1 billion.  These programs included the expansion of the Regina facilities and the preparation of feasibility studies to expand to the United States.

He has served as Senior Vice President of Marketing at Davy International, world-renowned suppliers of equipment and facilities to the steel industry and as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Tippins Inc.

In 1996, he joined the Wilkinson group to assist in the development of strategic/modernization plans for both DSC Ltd. (a flat sheet producer in Detroit, Michigan) and CSC, Ltd. (an engineered bar producer in Warren, Ohio).

After joining MSI in 1998, Mr. Wilson conducted programs to modernize and privatize an integrated producer of rails, wire rod and bars in Czech Republic, modernize and privatize an EAF-based producer of wide plate, forgings and seamless pipe in Poland.


London School of Economics
Registered Industrial Accountant (Canada).