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Erzhong is your complete mill equipment manufacturing source.  The manufacturing facility has capabilities exceding any machine shop in the United States.

China National Erzhong Group Co. is located in Deyang in the Sichuan Province.  It was established in 1958, and put into full production in 1971. By the end of the year 2008, it covered a total area of 2.611 million square meters (28.1 million square feet) with total assets of 15.7 billion Yuan (about $2.31B) and 12650 employees.  It is one of the research and manufacturing bases for China’s heavy industries.   China National Erzhong Group Co. used to be known as The Second Heavy Machinery Plant, a legacy from the era when major manufacturers were named numerically.  In the year 1993, it was renamed China National Erzhong Group Co. and abbreviated to China Erzhong.  China Erzhong was listed as one of 39 key backbone enterprises which are recognized as “State Security and National Economic Lifeline” in 1999.

China Erzhong possesses a talented technical workforce with a strong capability for product research, design, and manufacturing.  China Erzhong is equipped with more than 6600 major manufacturing machine tools, equipments, and facilities.  It can produce 900 tons of high purity liquid steel at one time, with the capability to pour 600 ton high quality ingots to supply 400 ton forgings and 500 ton castings.  In the past 50 years, China Erzhong has provided megatons of significant heavy machinery and equipment to the industries of the national economy and defense, such as metallurgy, mining, energy, transportation, automobile, petrochemical processing, aviation and aerospace.  Many products have fulfilled the domestic industrial needs, and some of the products have replaced imported products from abroad.  For instance, a 5000mm medium & heavy size plate rolling mill made by China Erzhong for Baosteel is known as “The King of Rolling Mills” in China and a 160MN hydraulic press which was designed, manufactured, installed, and commissioned by China Erzhong itself, is the world's largest open forging hydraulic press with the most advanced technology.  The complete supply of mechanical equipment for a 2250mm hot strip rolling mill manufactured by China Erzhong for Poland has created the precedent for exportation of complete mills of Chinese engineered and manufactured metallurgical equipment to Europe.

In recent years, China Erzhong has increased its capability for the development of new products.  It has successfully developed a hydrogenation reactor, wind power gear boxes, nuclear power products and new products for other new industrial fields.  An 800MN heavy die forging press project which is to be designed, manufactured and installed by China Erzhong has been started and is under construction at China Erzhong.  This will be the largest die forging press in the world and will be located at China Erzhong.  After this project is completed, it will tremendously increase the production capacity in the fields of metallurgy, aviation, electrical power and the petrochemical industry.

China Erzhong is a well-respected and modernized company with great potential for market and sales expansion.  China Erzhong is dedicated to the strategy of “One technical center, two manufacturing bases.”  The national-level engineering research center is located in Chengdu municipality, the facility for marine base equipment under construction in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province is progressing rapidly, and the Deyang manufacturing base is fully operational.

Facility and Capability

Smelting Facility

Electrical Arc Furnaces: 5 – 20 tons
Electrical Furnaces: 60 tons, 80 tons
Ladle Refining Furnaces: 40 tons, 150 tons (2 sets)
Vacuum Pouring Chambers: 100 tons, 200 tons, 400 tons, 600 tons

Foundry Facility

Molding Pits: 30 x 8 x -4.5m, 36 x 9 x -4m
Hydro-blasting Room: 300 tons
Sand Blasting Room: 200 tons
Foundry Crane: 320 tons x 28m
Annealing Furnace: 13 x 11 x 6m
Movable Type Sam Mixer: 60 tons
Resin Sand Production Line

Forging Facility

Hydraulic Presses: 31.5MN, 125MN, 160MN
Die Forging Hammers: 100KN, 160KN
Counter-blow Hammer: 1MJ
Forging Crane: 315 tons x 30m

Heat Treatment Facility
Automatic Control bogie-type Furnaces: 8 x 8.5 x 30m, 6 x 6.5 x 15m
Automatic Control Heat Treatment Furnaces: 4 x 35m, 5 x 15m,
       6 x 15m, etc.

Welding Facility
NC Cutting Machine, ESAB Narrow Gap SAW Machine
Welding Roller Frame: 150tons, 240tons, 500tons, 1000tons

Main Machine Facility
Heavy Duty Lathe, load capacity 200tons
Double-housing Milling & Boring Machine: 345tons, 426tons (2 sets)
Heavy Duty Deep Hole Trepanning Machine: 120 t loading capacity
Heavy Duty Roll Grinder: 80t load capacity
Hobbing Machine: (Φ3 – Φ6.3)m (5 sets)
NC Gear Grinding Machine: (Φ1.5 – Φ2.5)m (2 sets)

China Erzhong offers a wide range of products and services.
A partial list is provided below:

Complete Sets of Equipment
Metallurgical Equipment
2450 – 5500mm Heavy & Medium Size Plate Rolling Mills
11 Roll Hot Straightener
Double Side Trimming Shear
Hot Strip Rolling Mills: 500, 950, 1250, 1450, 1580, 1680, 1780, 2050,           2250mm
Cold Rolling Mills: 350 – 1800mm
1700mm Cold Rolling Mill Line, Pickling and Galvanizing Lines
Medium and Small Size Rolling Mills: 250, 350, 400, 500, 650, 750,                850mm
Pipe Rolling Mill
1300 – 2000mm Heavy & Medium size Slab Continuous Casting Machine
Heavy & Medium Size Beam Blank Continuous Casting Equipment
Heavy Forging Press Equipment
EMY & EXY Hot Die Forging Press
EPD Upsetter
EBQ Billet Shear
EGD Forging Rolls
EJY Hydraulic Straightener
EBQ Double Sided Press
Mining Equipment
Cement and Bridge Equipment
Crane and Water Conservancy Equipment

Heavy Castings and Forgings
Castings & Forgings for Water Power
Castings & Forgings for Thermal Power
Marine Castings and Forgings
Rollers and Shafts
Other Castings and Forgings

Driving Parts
Wind Power Products (Gear Box, Main Shaft, etc)
Universal Joint Spindles
Reducers with Hardened or Medium Hardened Gear Surfaces
Coupling and Spindles with Drum Shaped Teeth
Screws and Nuts for Screw-down

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