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China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co., Ltd., (CHSTE) was founded in 1969 and was known as Nanjing Gear Box Factory from 1976 to 2001. CHSTE has become a widely recognized leading company in Chinese transmission industry with strong advantages in technology, equipment and product performance and is one of the 100 most competitive enterprises in China mechanic industry. The company has supplied to large domestic enterprises including Bao Steel Group Corporation, Wuhan Iron & Steel Corporation, Shougang Group, etc., with equipments covering energy, marine, power generation, metallurgy, construction materials, petro chemical, mine, and lifting. In recent years, CHSTE has made steady progress in the new field of the wind power generation transmission equipment, achieving a market share of more than 90% in the domestic market.

CHSTE boosts enterprise development with new products and technology and has successfully won 92 national, provincial and municipal science achievement awards, and its 22 products have been listed as high-tech products along with 30 patents. The company is the first to adopt the international standards ISO-1328 and ISO-06336 in China. The company has 487 engineers and technicians, including 26 chief engineers and 5 engineers that have received the “Government’s Special Subsidy” by the State Council.


CHSTE manufactures 7 series products used in wind power generation, marine, transportation, aerospace, metallurgy, petro chemistry, construction, mining industries and other areas.

High Speed Gear Transmission Equipments

HS Series High-speed Gearboxes
MHS Series Medium and High-speed Gearboxes
New Generation NGGS Series High-speed Gearboxes

Gear Transmission Equipment

Vertical Mill Gearboxes
Central Driving Mill Reducers
Gear Reducer for Side Drive Mills
MXL Planetary Reducer for Roller Presses
PV & RV Mixer Gears
Powder Concentrator Gears
Cooling Beds

General Purpose Gear Transmission

PR Hard Flank Gear Reducers
YNK Hard Flank Gearboxes
DNK Point Line Meshing Gearboxes
Planetary Gear Reducers

Bar, Wire and Plate Rolling Mill Gear Transmission

Plate Rolling Mill Main Gearboxes
Bar Rolling Mill Main Gearboxes
Fly Shear Gears
High-speed Wire Rolling Mill Gearboxes

Wind Power Generation Gear Transmission

Gearbox for Power Generation at: 200KW, 250 KW, 300KW, 600KW, 660KW, 800KW 
Gearbox for Power Generation at: 1.4 MW, 1.5MW, 2MW and greater

Marine Gear Transmission

Hydraulic Controllable Pitch Propellers (CPP)


Locomotive Gears
Sugar Mill Gearboxes
Screw Lifting Device and Non-standard Gearboxes
Rubber and Plastic Machinery Gearboxes
Banbury Internal Mixer Gearboxes
Roll Mixer Gearboxes

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