Robert Gubernat, PhD

Laminar flow / accelerated plate and strip cooling models
Plate Steckel Reversing Mills Models and Operation
Automatic Gauge Control
Rolling mill setup models
Neural Network Adaptation
Seamless pipe crop end compensation
Back-up roll Eccentricity compensation
Eccentricity compensation for Hot and Cold Mills
Operations and Quality Control


Dr. Gubernat started his career at Tippins. Inc, Etna Pennsylvania. He co-founded ProSoft Automation, an automation firm specializing in the primary metals business, in Birmingham, Alabama.    Prosoft performed large Steckel mill projects included British Steel (Tuscaloosa Steel) and IPSCO Mobile.  Dr. Gubernat and Prosoft supplied the AGC, L2, L1 and all automation systems for these Steckel Mills.

Major projects included Back-up roll eccentricity compensation for 3 stand cold mill at Reynolds Metals; Plate mill setup models for Dongkuk Steel Company; Steckel mill setup models for IPSCO; mandrel mill setup models, stretch reducing mill setup models, mill facilities planning, and crop end control for USS Seamless Pipe Mill; Laminar flow set-up models for USS Fairfield Works Hot  Strip Mill; Steckel mill/plate mill setup models for Fabrique de Fer de Charleroi; CVC shape control models, set-up and laminar flow models AGC, loopers, neural nets and flatness control for Gallatin Steel; Plate mill models for Commonwealth Aluminum; start-up commissioning of CSP finishing mill set-up models at Nakthornthai Steel Company; back-up roll eccentricity compensation for 5 stand cold mill at Reynolds Metals.


Carnegie Mellon University  Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT]    MS and BS Degrees