Steckel Mill Consulting

Consulting Services from the people that have helped develop Steckel Mill Technology

Steckel Mill Consulting

CASTE and its Consultants have years of experience in the development, design, and execution of Steckel Mill Projects as well as Steckel Mill performance optimization.  CASTE CONSULTING is in the position to offer its services to the steel industry.

CASTE consultants have experience in the following types of Steckel Mills:

- Single Stand Steckel Mills
- Conventional Two Stand Steckel Mills
- Twin Stand Steckel Mills
- Coil Plate Steckel Mills

Experience in Materials rolled on Steckel Mills:

- Low, Medium, and High Carbon Steels
- Drawing Quality
- Stainless Steels
- Super Alloys
- Titanium
- Copper and Brass
- Aluminum

Steckel Mill Improvement Goals

- Increased Product Mix
-Thinner gauges
-Thicker gauges
-Higher strength materials
-New alloys, etc.
- Increased Productivity
- Increased Yield
- Improved Gauge Performance
- Improved Shape
- Improved Crown
- Improved Mill Reliability
- Improved Rolling Stability
- Reduced Cobbles
- Reduced Maintenance Down Time and Increased Mill Utilization

Steckel Mill Consulting Services

CASTE’s experience includes all phases of Steckel Mill projects.  Starting with project development and continuing through mill construction, start-up, optimization and equipment design evaluation. 

The following services can be provided by CASTE for existing Steckel Mills to meet your goals:

Equipment Design Analysis

- Modernizations and Upgrades
- Layout Optimization
- High Maintenance Problem Areas
- Equipment Capacity Evaluations and Improvements

Mill Optimization – Level II Systems

- Coil Plate Steckel Mill Rolling Models
- Roughing Mill Rolling Models
- Steckel Mill Rolling Models
- Laminar Flow Cooling Models
- Eccentricity Control
- Controlled Rolling Models
- Unique Steckel Mill HAGC System

Steckel Mill Developments CASTE Consultants have been involved with:

- Coil Plate Steckel Mills
- Twin Stand Steckel Mills
- Closed Bottom Furnaces
- HAGC Systems unique to Steckel Mills
- Elimination of the Deflector Roll
- Slide Out Furnace Table Design
- Drum Cleaning Systems
- Adaptive On Line Rolling models
- Automated controlled rolling
- Taper Rolling
- Cooling Models