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Beijing Steel Rolling is your source for large high precision multi-hi cold mills and cold rolling equipment.


As a highly innovative technological enterprise located in the Science and Technology Park in Fengtai District, Beijing Steel Rolling Technology Development Co., Ltd (BSRT) specializes in the design and manufacturing of high precision cold rolling mills. BSRT has been on the leading edge of technology in design and manufacturing of large high precision multi-hi cold mills and related equipment.  The large multi-hi mills designed, researched, and developed by BSRT have been applied successfully in large state-owned enterprises and BSRT has solved the long-term importing situation of large multi-hi cold rolling mills from abroad for China. Additionally, the high level of manufacturing quality by BSRT has resulted in many foreign equipment suppliers authorizing BSRT to manufacture complete metallurgical equipment sold to USA, Germany and other parts of the world.

BSRT has worked with many authoritative experts in metallurgical machinery and high precision rolling to enhance the design, research, development, and maintain the highest level of technology in the world. BSRT has an experienced team of about 100 engineers from various fields such as process design, plant engineering, machinery design, drive design, automation design, gauge control and hydraulic design and engages in design, research, development, project implementation, site management, and maintenance service.  This has contributed to the development of new technologies and guarantees that the company remains on the leading edge of technology in the industry.

Achievements and Capabilities

The 1400mm 12-Hi Double Stand Reversing Cold Rolling Mill was certified by Science and Technology Committee of the City of Beijing as a technology achievement in December 2005. It was recognized by international metallurgical experts that the mill built by BSRT was the first 12-Hi double stand reversing cold rolling mill. BSRT contributed a paper to the annual conference of American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) in May 2006.

20-Hi Cold Rolling Mill (SR20)

The SR20 has smaller working rolls than the SR12, so it’s applied in the rolling of strip difficult to deform; for example, high-carbon steel, high-alloy steel, stainless steel, oriented silicon steel and so on. SR20 has one type: single stand.

The SR20, designed and developed by BSRT, adopts the 1-2-3-4 tower roll system, split type roll box and integral stand design.  The SR20 is capable of performing adjustment on each section of the backup bearings, a transverse movement of the intermediate rolls, and a fast roll change as an example of some of its functions.  The SR20 has a higher operating rate, a more convenient maintenance, and a faster cobble removal than the other 20-Hi mills manufactured around the world.

12-Hi Cold Rolling Mill (SR12)

Compared with 4-Hi and 6-Hi rolling mill, the SR12 has smaller working rolls, which can facilitate rolling of carbon steel, low-alloy steel, silicon steel and the very thin strips with a maximum of over 90% reduction in one rolling process. The SR12 has two types: single stand and double stand.

The SR12 adopts the 1-2-3 tower roll system, split type roll box and integral stand design. The SR12 is capable of performing adjustment on each section of backup bearings, transverse movement of the intermediate rolls; fast roll change and many other functions. The SR12 has a higher production rate, a lower operating cost, a larger range of finished products, and an easier operation than similar mills produced around the world.

4-Hi Temper Mill

Used to flatten annealed cold strip, the 4-Hi Temper Mill is equipped with a high precision non-contact gauge and speed meter. It can fulfill a small amount of flattening after adopting extension control.

High Precision Special Rolling Mill

BSRT can also design high precision special rolling mills to meet the rolling of strip in different width and material; for example, tantalum alloy, titanium alloy, precious alloy, refractory alloy, corrosion-resistant alloy, special type stainless steel, bronze, red copper, and bronze as well as other types of alloys.


Redevelopment of cold rolling equipment
       (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical)
Optimization of technical process
  (process parameters, rolling schedule)
Failure investigation (diagnosis, analysis, solution and advice)
System maintenance
  (hardware and software update, tuning, improvement)
Spare parts (standard and non-standard)

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