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WUXI SEC is your complete AC and DC motor supplier.

WUXI SEC Electric Machinery Co.

Wuxi SEC Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the Binhu economic development zone on the banks of Ai Lake, which is 120km west of Shanghai and lies in the economically-developed Yangzi River Delta.  SEC’s floor area is 52000 square meters (559,782 square feet) with a manufacturing area of 27000 square meters (290,628 square feet). SEC has a strong commitment to Research & Development and has recently expanded its manufacturing capacity. SEC has a team of first-class technical experts; there are 435 workers and 52 engineers, including 2 engineers sharing State Council Allowance, 5 chief engineers and 22 senior engineers. SEC’s annual design capacity is 1,200,000 KW.

• SEC specializes in AC and DC motors, small-scale turbo-dynamos, medium-scale and small-scale water turbine generators.  At the present time SEC is expanding to focus on electric integrated system of AC & DC motors and wind generator manufacturing as a core business for the future.

• SEC specializes in large and medium-scale AC and DC motors, the products are: Z series DC motors with 11 different shaft center heights from 315mm to 1000mm and with 15 voltage levels ranging from 220v to 1200v and the capacity from 132KW-5500KW; Y, YR series synchronous motors with shaft heights ranging from 355mm to 1120mm, voltage 3kv, 6kv, 10kv and 13.8kv and capacity from 185KW-18000KW; T series synchronous motors with capacity ranging from 220KW-25000KW, voltage 3kv, 6kv, 10kv, and 13.8kv; frequency conversion timing motors; wind driven generators; marine motors and explosion-proof motors.

• SEC motors are currently being used in the fields of metallurgy, electrical power, petro-chemical, mining, construction material, paper making, water conservancy projects and city water supply and drainage as a few examples.

Main Products

Large and Medium AC & DC Motors
Small Scale Heat Engines
Small Scale Hydropower Motors

Technical Staff
2 engineers sharing State Council Allowance
5 chief senior engineers
22 senior engineers and 25 engineers

Design Program
ABB Company, USA Westinghouse Company,
Japan Mitsubishi and Toshiba Company.

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